Donnovan’s Dream Foundation has an opportunity to embark upon an exciting program of “Planned Giving”, to assure the future generations of the charity. Charitable Planned Giving provides financial peace of mind of knowing the charity will continue to grow and serve athletic participants in from youth sports on through to professional levels.

Insurance Investments are fast becoming the most powerful vehicle for capital accumulation for non-profit organizations. A donor who cannot consider a major gift out of existing assets can then plan a deferred gift using a highly leveraged insurance vehicle. By purchasing an insurance policy with modest tax-advantaged premiums, over a few years, he or she can make a significant contribution.

1) The charity can employ this means to economically support the life and success of future endowments and a stable economic future. Additionally, 2) the charity can employ the “Paid-Up Premium” option in conjunction with a fundraising campaign for an immediate tax-free operation cash injection to support programs and objectives.

You can learn more about Planned Giving by reviewing the following Slide Deck: Donnovans Dream Planned Giving Donor Proposal