Donnovan’s Dream is committed to assisting the families of fallen players to Traumatic Brain and Spinal injuries in American Youth Football, the Policy changes needed to better the outcomes and continuing the dreams of those afflicted.

On May 11th 2016 at 18 years old Donnovan Hill lost his life to complications in his last of many surgeries stemming from a severe spinal cord injury obtained when he attempted to make a tackle in a youth football game when he was just 13 years old.

Donnovan Hill was an American treasure as a child with a Dream to play professional football. Growing up in Long Beach California Donnovan was drawn to the gridiron and quickly excelled. His passion for the sport provided opportunities in education and a bright future until one play changed it all.

For six years Donnovan and his family struggled to make sense of the injury and system in place to address the outcome.

From on field protocol to the health care system, Donnovan and his family experienced firsthand the failures of football and the medical community enlisted to care for its most critical injuries in sports.

For too long the effects of a broken system have plagued the football community at the youth level with 10-20 deaths each year from Traumatic Brain Injury and 10-20 Critical Spinal Injuries leaving players and their families to unnecessary outcomes.

This has to change and Dreams don’t have to Die!

Donnovan’s Dream was to help.